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What I will and won't do as your Counsellor

As your counsellor I wont…

  • Try to fix you

You are not broken!!

  • Give you advice

From time to time I might make suggestions or recommendations, but ultimately you will be the one who decides if they work for you.

  • Tell you what to do

I may give you some homework if it’s appropriate but only if you want some!

  • Assume I know more about your life than you

Mate, I’d be a bit up myself if I thought I knew more about you than you do. Seriously.

  • Assume what is best for you

Only you know what is best for you. See point above.

  • Make the hard stuff go away

There will always be hard stuff. That’s a cold hard fact of life. I know it sucks, but counselling is designed to make the hard stuff easier to live with.

As your counsellor I will…

  • Remind you that you aren't broken.

Some people feel broken and that's ok. But no one is broken, I promise you.

  • Give you space to access your own wisdom.

Everything you need to know is within you. I can help you find your answers.

  • Support you in figuring out what to do.

Once you find your answers you might needs some help deciding what to do with all that new knowledge and self-awareness.

  • Admit that I don't know it all.

I don’t know it all! But I am always curious and willing to learn.

  • Collaborate with you to make the hard stuff easier to sit with

Sometimes just getting things off your chest makes the hard stuff easier to deal with. I can be your partner in crime (so to speak, I’m not down with actually committing a crime) when it comes to working through and sorting out your stuff.

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