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Why see a Counsellor?

It's normal to experience challenges and difficulties in life and receiving help from a trained and experienced professional is a great way to work through your problems. It gives you the opportunity to talk about your worries in a confidential and non-judgmental space in order to gain perspective, develop coping strategies and increase self-awareness. Counselling can enhance your emotional and physical resilience and increase happiness, individually, within relationships and in everyday life.

Some Common Reasons Why People See Counsellors

Sometimes we can turn to a family member or trusted friend when we have problems. Although at other times, these may be the last people we want to confide in. A counsellor is not a part of your personal life. This can give you the freedom and confidence you need to open up and really explore the root cause of your problems.

Some of the more common reasons why you might want to see a counsellor include:

  • Low-grade depression (feeling a bit sad/got the blues).

  • Persistent worry.

  • When a specific situation is affecting your ability to effectively carry out your daily life.

  • When you are unable to make important decisions.

Some of the more serious reasons why people see counsellors include:

  • Family or relationship difficulties.

  • Coping with death, separation or divorce.

  • Domestic violence (either as a victim or perpetrator).

  • Sexual abuse (including verbal).

  • Severe depression.

  • Stress.

  • Anxiety, either severe or chronic.

  • Anger management.

  • Gambling, alcoholism and other addictions.

Keep in mind that counselling is not a lifetime commitment. You might find that some worrisome problem you can’t seem to shake on your own can be dealt with in just one or a few counselling sessions. On the other hand, you may feel that regular counselling can help you find you maintain level of control and happiness in your life.

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