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Ebony Millard Counselling 
and Creative Art Therapy

"If you don't get it off your chest you'll never be able to breathe"​​




It's fair to say I take a unique approach to counselling therapy.

Like all good therapists I work holistically with my clients to bring understanding and awareness not only to your psychological and emotional issues but also to the physical, spiritual and relational areas of your life.

I offer a person-centered approach using a variety of therapeutic modalities including cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), gestalt therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) and mindfulness-based techniques to help you learn more about yourself and to overcome difficult situations that you may be facing. But that is where the similarities end!

In addition to these traditional counselling approaches, I offer creative art therapy and a 'real talk' energy to my sessions.

I encourage you to be your 100% wholehearted, warts and all, authentic self in my sessions. If you need to drop the f-bomb, I'm with you. If you want to ugly cry or scream and yell, bring it. If you want to curl in a ball and switch off from the world, go for it. I will be right there with you and always follow your lead. I will provide the 'Safe Space' you need to really explore your true thoughts and emotions.

My mantra is 'If you don't get it off your chest, you'll never be able to breath'. There is no substitute for good therapy. Talking to me will get that weight off your chest!

What is Counselling/Therapy?

Counselling and Therapy are the same thing. It's a collaborative treatment based on the therapeutic relationship between the counsellor/therapist and the client. Counsellors/therapists are trained and experienced health professionals that provide non-judgmental, supportive and objective space for clients to work through current and past individual and relationship problems, traumas, grief, negative experiences, phobias and fears to achieve a more fulfilling and contented life.

A good counsellor draws on several theories of psychotherapy to guide them through the process of understanding a client's history and presentation. 

What is Art Therapy?

Creative Art Therapy is a beautiful and sometimes powerful addition to traditional counselling therapy. It uses art, craft, movement, music, writing and any other medium you can think of to encourage self-expression.


Sometimes it is simply not possible to put your thoughts and feelings into words. Creative art therapy provides a gentle and safe way to express and explore the things you are unable to move through. The things that are keeping you stuck and causing you ongoing pain or worry. 

Creative art therapy is proven to be particularly effective when experiencing stress, anxiety, depression, substance dependency, PTSD and grief. 

Therapy may help if...

  • you feel overwhelmed and feel like things are getting on top of you

  • you feel exhausted, depressed, anxious or stressed

  • you are having troubles sleeping

  • work is getting on top of you

  • you are relying on food, alcohol or drugs to cope

  • you’re having difficulty finding a solution to a problem that has been troubling you for some time

  • you find it hard to open up to family or friends

  • you are trapped in the past and cannot stop thinking about a traumatic experience

  • your work life, relationships or friendships are suffering

  • you feel angry, frustrated and irritable

  • you have experienced a major life event such as, the death of a loved one, relationship break up, the kids have left home, you have lost your job or any other traumatic event/s.

Pink Blossom


  • Available on line

    In person or Online

    50 min

    100 Australian dollars
  • Available on line

    In person or online

    50 min

    100 Australian dollars
  • Therapy in the great outdoors!

    1 hr

    90 Australian dollars

“The attempt to escape from pain, is what creates more pain.”
― Gabor Maté


One of the best ways to move forward is to book an initial appointment. This is you taking the first steps towards feeling better. Then you can find out more about how therapy works and if you will benefit from it.

Can't find a session time that suits you?

Please contact me to see if we can find a better time for you!


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